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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Hoodoo you love? Pinnacles Provincial Park

We had a hot dry start to our spring where we live, which is uncharacteristicAlong with this warm weather, thankfully so far this year we have only had to deal with a couple days of forest fire smoke making it into our city and affecting our air quality.

We are trying to take advantage of the smoke free time we have to get out and explore while we have the chance.

Last weekend we lucked out with our youngest was away on a birthday party sleepover so we were able to venture out with just our dog and eldest for a nice hike.

We ventured off towards Quesnel, headed to Pinnacles Provincial Park where the weather looked to be nicer as our city was calling for storms.

Pinnacles Provincial Park is located about 8km West of Quesnel  on Pinnacles Road (which is paved). The road leading up to Pinnacles is a winding road but very easily accessible.

The reason for our visit was for a distinct feature at the park, called Hoodoo’s, having never seen them before. As you are overlooking the hoodoos from the edge of a canyon and there is an abundance of vegetation some of the views were obscured. We had to move around quite a bit to find good vantage points for photos. In time as vegetation continues to grow unfortunately the views are only going to diminish with some hoodoos being obstructed by trees at certain angles. I am not complaining but glad we got out to see them now!

The pinnacles or hoodoos formed 12 million years ago when molten lava flowed over the earth's surface and cooled in flat basalt layers over older layers of rock and ash. The Ice Age followed, and when the ice receded, melt-water streams eroded the valley.

The walk itself is a nice short, flat walk – great for taking children and for anyone not wanting a long, inclined hike. The trail to the viewpoint is 1km, took us about 15 minutes to get to the viewpoint.
We saw about  4-5 others on the walk, some families and one regular who walks this trail often with his dog. Dogs are permitted on the trail (on leash).

Things to know:

Things to know:

The park is open year round for day use, despite the locked gate the entrance; camping is not permitted. There is limited parking available in the lot which has no room to accommodate RV’s. There is a road ahead that can turnaround in and then park on the side of the road with an RV or if the lot is full.  

Bring your own drinking water, as potable water is not available in the park. The Provincial Parks site mentions that there is a pit toilet near the viewpoint, however we did not actually see where this was located on our visit. There are no flush toilets at the park.


The park is located 8 km form downtown Quesnel. Off highway 97, beside the Fraser River in downtown Quesnel, take the bridge over into west Quesnel and the park can be accessed via Pinnacles Road.

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