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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

BBQ dinner gone wrong

It's both been a while since I wrote a blog post and linked up with Mama Kat's weekly writing prompts. This week I had a story to share that fits in with two of the prompts - A time I wasted money and also tried something new...

We have had some unseasonably warm temperatures to start us off into Spring this year. 

As the weather warms up you can be sure to find us cooking our dinners outdoors on the BBQ. 

Once summer hits, and the kids are out of school our schedule becomes more lax and we switch up our menu for easy summer foods which often include grilling some meat with some simple fruit and veggie sides. 

On our weekly Costco shop recently we found some great seasoned pork ribs we hadn't tried before. With only 3 of us to eat them, we were able to split the pack into two meals. Pork is not something we eat often due to one of us having difficulty digesting it but it's nice to switch it up from chicken, beef and seafood occasionally. 

The first night we went to cook these, I checked the package and it said it would take about 1.5-2 hours to grill on indirect heat. Hubby didn't think they would take that long but put them on the grill and waited to start the potatoes. Turns out he was right and the ribs were cooked in about 45 minutes (our BBQ runs hot and clearly indirect heat is not something it is great at) but at least they weren't burnt and were quite tasty. Although, we did have to put them aside in the fridge while we waited for our potatoes which of course took longer than they were supposed to

Since we split the package in two, we decided to cook up the other half of the ribs this past weekend. Again, we opted to go with the BBQ and hubby took care of cooking the ribs. We had salads and watermelon that were planning for sides.

At one point he went outside to check on the ribs and all appeared fine so he came back inside to relax with the rest of us. That‘s when things really got interesting and we learned in a few moments that we were going to need a plan B for dinner.

Five minutes after he sat down we suddenly heard a popping sound from outside. Knowing this was not normal, we all jumped up and ran outside. Hubby was first out and realized that we had a potentially really dangerous situation on our hands. 

The BBQ had flames coming out the front. Thankfully he was able to quickly reach in and shut the gas off then grab the fire extinguisher and put the fire out. 

After checking the BBQ, we determined the popping sound we heard was the glass on the gage on the propane tank bursting form the heat. Scary – as with level of heat to cause that and the close proximity of the tank this could have been much worse. The weird part was that prior to having friends over for dinner the day before the grease trap and the inside of the BBQ had been thoroughly cleaned. 

In the end some money was wasted on a half rack of ribs and we had to go out and pick up a rotisserie chicken and fries from grocery store for Plan B dinner. We will be replacing the BBQ with a new one but in the grand scheme of things those are trivial matters compared to how badly this could have turned out if the fire spread and caused more damage.  We are happy that the house and ourselves are all safe. 

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