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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Creepy Crawly Critters - Lice

The start of School is always an interesting time. Kids are excited to get back and see their friends and I know for us as parents we look forward to settling back into our regular routine.

School also brings with it unfortunately some unwanted things such as germs and illness. 

And lice - which has always made me itchy just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, this past week we got to deal with it. I do count ourselves lucky that it was the 1st time. With two kids it's nice to have made it this long before encountering it. 

Our daughter had developed a sore behind her ear that was bothering her and we initially chalked it up to one of her out of the blue allergic reactions she has been having the last while.

That was until we got home one night from a  friends house after attending Sign Language Class and decided to quickly wash out our daughter's hair before bed. Partway through drying her hair, my husband called me in to show me something.

We were now able to see the cause of her itching. A close inspection and google search confirmed what were were seeing was lice. 

Of course since it was later in the evening, all the stores were closed so there was not much we could do except let her know she wouldn't be going to school the next day.

I heard of lots of home remedies involving things such as coconut oil, mayonnaise and vinegar but figured it best to just get the over the counter treatment that would ensure we got it done right the 1st time.  

I learned quite a bit from the pharmacist the next day, more so than I really wanted to know about lice. Something that I didn't know was that these pesky bugs are growing resistant to the traditional, pesticide based treatments sold such as the shampoo that we remember using as kids to treat them. 

The pharmacist instead suggested that although it was more expensive to buy the Nyda treatment which does not use pesticides and contains no neurotoxic chemicals. It also kills not only the lice but the larvae and the eggs by penetrating their breathing system, replacing air and killing the lice and nits.  

It was a no brainier to me to just buy the product regardless of price, to rid of those away creepy, crawly bug. Thankfully it worked wonderfully! 

Now, all this talk about bugs has made me itchy again so excuse me while I go scratch my head. 

The above opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.

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