Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: When you feel like you have failed

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

When you feel like you have failed

Parenting is not an easy job. It’s a long journey, one filled with joy, heartbreak and challenges along the way.

Our parenting journey has had the added experience of our kids having been diagnosed with varying conditions meaning that both of them require extra supports at school and at home.

We are lucky to have had some great experiences working with some of the people on our teams. 

If there was one area that I would pinpoint as a challenging one to navigate it would be the school system. There are so many different variables and people involved that it can be difficult to coordinate everyone on the team and find effective ways to communicate among each other.

There have been times where I have felt like we haven’t done enough to advocate for our kids to get their needs met. Times where we chose to focus on one aspect of their needs only to realize that something else slipped. Times we thought we had made a solid plan at school and the team was on board with it only to realize too late that things had come crashing down.

Often I have felt the need to always be on top of everything going on at school. It feels as though sometimes if we don't continually check in to ensure those involved are following through on plans and goals things slip through the cracks. 

It is easy to feel as if one has failed  if something goes wrong or if you tried to arrange for something and it is not followed through on by those responsible. 

I am learning that it does not mean that we have failed.

I am learning it is okay to take a break when things become overwhelming.

It can be exhausting when you put your heart, effort and late nights into something and not have it turn out. 

This is why self care is so important. 

So do yourself a favor.

Take a break.

You have not failed. 

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