Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: January 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Falling Down...on a Friday

I have a history of having bad things happen to me on Friday nights, and many years ago it was even narrowed down to a specific time after two separate bad events occurred on Friday nights around 6pm. 

I have since acknowledged that that bad things will happen anytime, anyplace but listen to my story and you will see why back then I got a bit leery about Friday nights around 6pm... 

-16 weeks pregnant with firstborn child, I was struck by a truck while crossing an intersection, ripped mirror off with my head and dented in door badly enough it couldn’t be opened. Suffered concussion and required 16 stitches to head. Baby thankfully was fine! Occurred on a Friday evening around 6pm. 

-About a month after being struck by the truck I was attacked by a dog outside the grocery store on my way inside. The dog lunged at me jumping on my now prominent belly ripping the front of my jacket then getting a grip on my arm causing puncture marks and blood to be drawn. Trip to the hospital and all checked out okay, had my tetanus shot up to date so other than getting my armed cleaned up and bandaged and having to sew up my jacket, the only residual issue from this was a fear of large dogs.