Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Why I painted my pumpkin teal this year

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why I painted my pumpkin teal this year

Halloween is kind of a big deal at our house. I’m not afraid to admit that we have more totes of Halloween decorations than we do for Christmas.

We enjoy dressing up, whether it’s simply throwing on some masks or being a bit more creative with theme costumes that involve a mixture of handmade and store bought aspects such as our Star Wars theme from a couple years ago.

Something else that is actually a real big deal and not something to joke around about is food allergies. I have made sure for years to buy peanut free chocolate bars and usually also have rockets in our stash of treats to hand out.

But something I didn’t really think about before was those kids that have severe allergies and can’t actually eat ANY of the food treats available.

We are no strangers to food intolerance in our household with everyone in our house either currently having or previously having food intolerance issues. 

Our oldest had issues with formula when he was an infant and it took a few tries to find one he could digest eat without him vomiting everywhere. Fast forward to our second child and we discovered that she had an intolerance to rice, that would also cause her to vomit. And let me tell you, rice is a common ingredient in many jarred baby foods as I found out while on vacation and without my homemade baby foods.

Thankfully, our son did not have any actually allergies such as soy or dairy and our daughter outgrew her rice intolerance.

I myself have a gluten intolerance and my husband had MANY food allergies as a kid and still has difficulty digesting some common foods. 

While we are used to adapting the foods we eat, what we deal with is no where near what some families go through when dealing with multiple food allergies in their children.

I have been following closely a friends experience with her son, as he was diagnosed with FPIES, after initially reacting to foods his Mom was eating through her breast milk. Her son is now 17 months old and only has 12 safe foods he can eat that each had to pass a food trial to be declared safe. Something as simple as oats or sweet potatoes can land them in the hospital as his body will go into shock. Therefore, being a breastfeeding Mom, my friend has also had to drastically change her diet. 

So, this year on top of my traditional peanut free chocolate bars and rockets I am going to have a supply of non food treats, pictured below.

To let families know that we have non food treats I painted my pumpkin teal this year to place on our front step, and our address has been added to the Teal Pumpkin project map.

So I urge you to read more about the Teal Pumpkin project here and help ensure every child has a enjoyable Halloween this year. 

Linked up over at Mama Kat's for the writing prompt Show us your pumpkin (It was supposed to include a before picture which I forgot to take, so use your imagination here)

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