Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: What's your road trip style?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's your road trip style?

To be honest, my road trip personality is not something that I ever really consciously thought about. It quickly became apparent when trying to plan a vacation with friends that we have very different road trip personalities though. 

We are most definitely the type who like to take things slow, purposefully planning stops at certain locations/attractions to have lunch, get some amazing pictures, you get the idea.

As they said in the Cars movie, “folks didn’t drive to make great time, they drove to have a good time”

Typically we plan to only drive about 4-5 hours, which with our stops along the way does of course end up taking a bit longer. By this point we are all pretty much tired exhausted and ready to stop for the night.

Once we stop for the night you might find us having a nice dinner, an evening soak in the hot springs or just a relaxing night at the hotel. In the morning we might go for a short hike or another hot springs soak before hitting the road. Since we visited Jasper last year I truly believe that stopping at the hot springs on the way is the perfect thing to do on a road trip, so relaxing!

For us, we find the kids definitely get restless if don’t get out to stretch their legs every so often. Let’s face it, parents can only handle so much bickering and complaining between siblings before we too need a break. So for us stopping every so often works well.

Our friends  have the COMPLETE OPPOSITE road trip style from us. They get up super early and jump in the car and just keep driving. Sure if someone needs to stop for a bathroom break they do but unlike us, their bathroom breaks don’t turn into hour long picnics and hikes to go see a cool waterfall. 

This just meant that things were going to take some more planning and we would leave before them and then meet up at our destination.

Sadly, both us and our friends have faced some unexpected financial commitments that mean the trip is off. For us it was our unplanned trip to Ontario a couple months ago to see family when my grandfather's health declined and then recent vehicle repair bills [just as we got our long battle over starter problems solved, our battery and then alternator went with two weeks of each other) we weren't expecting that made the decision for us. 

We were all looking forward to it, but Karensa most of all wanted to see the dinosaurs in Drumheller.  On the plus side we now have a whole year though to save up and be in a better position financially, but also make great plans for what to do on our trip. I am happy that at least this will not create more stress in our lives by living on a financial edge without extra money in case something comes up.

I did book two weeks off from work for the trip and time at home after wards. We are still planning to to get some camping in this summer and will check out some local attractions, but have some stuff to do around the house too so the time off will be nice to focus on that. We will probably do some camping in our backyard since Karensa said she would be happy even just doing that. Bless her heart! 

What is your road trip style? Do you have any trips planned this summer? 

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