Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: How our vacation got extended by a day

Monday, May 16, 2016

How our vacation got extended by a day

It's been just over two weeks since we got back from our vacation. Twelve days away is the longest we have spent away from home in years and it was a great trip. But, as I am sure you can all relate it always feels good to go home too. Just when we thought our vacation was over, we had an unexpected delay in getting home.

As planned on the day we left to fly home we finished packing our things, then headed out to spend the last few hours we had hanging out making memories with my Dad before he dropped us off at the airport.

In order to be able to get home in one day and not have to catch a VERY early morning flight we flew out of Toronto airport, an hour's drive away from my Dad's rather than from Hamilton. 

We had a few stops along the way, going from Toronto to Calgary, a wait for the next flight to Vancouver,  and then waiting for our  flight at 9:45 pm from Vancouver to home.

Things were going pretty good, we had a bit of a rough landing in Calgary but thankfully had a bit of time to wait until our next flight. At this point, Karensa was saying her tummy didn't feel good and we thought either it was from the bumpy landing or the fact that she hadn't eaten anything except snacks since breakfast. 

Erring on the side of caution we gave her some gravol and then relaxed for a bit before going to find something to eat. She seemed to be doing better and happily ate a sandwich. 

She did fine on the next flight and we had more time to kill before catching our flight home. As we had already spent 7.5 hours either flying or in airports waiting for flights we were all getting a bit tired and couldn't wait to get home. 

We headed straight to our gate and decided to just hang out there until it was time to board. Rather suddenly at one point things changed and not for the better I might add.

Any parent is pretty good at recognizing that moment when your child is most certainly about to get sick.

Taking a glance at Karensa we knew that moment was about to come and darting over to the airline counter I asked if they had a garbage can we could use. I will spare you the yucky details but no sooner did those words leave my mouth when I heard the telltale sounds in the background to know I was too late.

We soon found out that due to her being sick, the airline was likely not going to let us fly as they had to look out for the other passengers and had no way of knowing what caused her to be ill. We were pretty sure it was motion sickness.  I honestly think they were considering letting us since I told them she had shown no other sign of illness but they also had a full flight and it would be hard to isolate us in case she got sick on the plane while in flight.

Our fate was sealed when they asked her if she wanted to fly home that night and she said no.

They let us know they would be putting us up in a hotel for the night and would go find available flight times for the following day and as long as she was not sick the next day we would be allowed to go home on our chosen flight. The staff were all really great and quickly located our bags for us to pick up at special baggage and had flights re booked for the next day.

As the staff walked away I looked over at Jeremy and mouthed the words "score". I promptly googled the airport hotel which just so happens to be a Fairmont to show him. What, Westjet you won't let us fly and want to put us up in a fancy, schmancy hotel for the night! Well, the answer to that is YES.

We got a great nights sleep, slept in and I am happy to say it certainly seemed to just be a touch of motion sickness since Karensa was {literally} jumping around the room by morning and playing with the fancy electronic lighting controls. We then made our way to catch our afternoon flight back home, and the employees were great in assisting us with checking our bags in again (no charge).

All in all, while it was unexpected in the end it ended up working out for the best! Especially when these were our accommodations for the evening. After a long day of travelling I most certainly took advantage of that big, beautiful tub to have a soak in!

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