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Thursday, November 12, 2015

My last day off: Halloween and hot dogs

There are a number of different things I tend to do on my days off from work. Most of the time it does not involve a day spent on the couch watching TV (that is typically reserved for sick days when I actually incapable of doing anything other than flipping channels on the remote). 

Sometimes I have appointments scheduled for myself and the kids, sometimes its grocery shopping or chores around the house. On occasion, I do actually plan to at least go out for lunch with my hubby  since we do after all have free childcare given the kids are in school on my day off usually.

Last year I signed up for the Parent Advisory Committee at my daughter's school. This was something I never did at my son's school in his elementary years for various reasons. The main reason being I just never truly felt I had a lot in common with most of the other parents in the school.  My daughter's elementary school though is a different story, there is a real sense of community there and the whole school itself just has a whole different atmosphere.

So, this last day off I ended up spending the entire school day volunteering.  It was the day before Halloween  so I got to see the look on the face of her teacher from last year when she showed up in a Captain America costume to match his. 

My official duty that morning though was helping the kids to sign in their pumpkins for the yearly pumpkin judging contest. The group of parents from the PAC then spent time rolling and counting money from the Halloween dance the night before. 

I also got to see each and every class as they came down to the gym to see the pumpkins. A few hundred kids filed through there in their costumes, but my absolute favorite had to be the Ghostbuster, a throwback to one of my own favorite childhood movies. 

After we got the money rolled, we did spend some time sitting and relaxing before we got down to the business of cooking and assembling the hot dogs in buns for hot lunch that day. In between while hanging out in the kitchen later in the day, I helped a teacher out by making popcorn for her class who was watching a movie. We struck up a great conversation and it was funny when she got around to asking who my daughter was as she declared she should have known as she could definitely see the resemblance. Plus my daughter has such a vibrant personality that she is well known in the school. 

Anyway, to finish off the day we took all the pumpkins from the judging area back to the tables to be picked up.  I am definitely going to be spending more time involved at my daughters school and am thankful for the great bunch of ladies involved with the PAC. Not only are we doing great things for our kids at school, we also have a great time hanging out together.

 Note that know that my son is in High school, I am also intending to attend the PAC meetings at his school. I find it a great way to find out what is going on in the school and give feedback and input. His new school has a really great community feel to it too, so I am happy to get involved.

Oh, and I might have also stepped away for a few minutes to go down to my daughter's classroom once (okay - twice) to go and see her. Two great benefits of being in the school, getting to interact with the teachers more and see your kid at school. The kids had a blast enjoying their treats from the teacher and watching an afternoon movie. 

Do you (or did you) volunteer at your kids school(s)?

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  1. good for you. I always enjoyed volunteering at school. It's good to be involved. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  2. What a fun day to spend seeing all those kids! I'm sure it was exhausting in the best possible way.

  3. I definitely did volunteer at the kids' schools. A great way to know the teachers as well as the peers. Plus it is just fun to see your kid in a different light.