Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: First Summer Road Trip

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Summer Road Trip

I really look forward to Summer and taking road trips with the family. We love to get out not only exploring attractions around our city but also trips a bit longer that typically involve camping and enjoying the outdoors.

The road trip itch started hitting early this year and so I planned a trip that had us leave town the day after the kids finished school.

It ended up being a memorable experience, with many wonderful family memories made and of course a few bumps along the way.

I had come down with what I figured was a bit of a typical stomach bug 5 days before our trip and thought by Wednesday figured it had passed. But by Thursday, the day before we were to be leaving I started not feeling well again. Needless to say not much packing and prep got done that day. Still not feeling well that evening I made a quick trip to the walk in clinic before it closed to get some advice and was able to get some over the counter medication to make my symptoms go away.

The next morning we finished making food, packing the van and headed out to make a last minute trip to the store to grab something we couldn't find. By this point it was already lunch time, so we fed the kids too. All prepared and ready we went to pull out of the parking lot. At that moment Nathan's lens fell out of his glasses, for the second time in three weeks indicating that clearly it is time for new frames.

Better now then on the road I guess, right? 

We tried to fix it, but gave up and headed to the Optometrist where they were able to put in a screw with extra reinforcement on the end to make it stay together this time. They replaced his nose pad too as of course that had a chunk missing out of it.

Finally we were able to get on the road and it was smooth travelling from there to our destination, although we got in a bit late, not having dinner until 8:30 local time as we lost an hour with the time change too.

As I said the trip went great and we had a blast! 
Then we had to get back home again, and had a couple minor issues on the way back.

It started with road construction reducing traffic to one lane in Jasper National Park in the early evening. We had gone through the construction on the way out, but it was early afternoon with light traffic and the flag people did a great job of controlling traffic.

The way back was another story, it was now early evening and rather than flag people they set up lights to control the flow of traffic on a timer and of course there was heavy traffic. We were driving at 6.7 kilometres an hour at one point in a 70 kilometre/h zone. 

We then pulled into the gas station five minutes before it closed and all took a bathroom break. We also checked the headlights as they seemed dim, turns out one bulb was burnt out. Of course. As we pulled out we heard a noise,  the last thing you want to hear when you still have 300 kilometres to go until you get home and it's getting dark out. 

We pulled over, put hazards on and started checking out tire where thought the sound was coming from, but couldn't see anything. Inched forward again, and heard the sound start up again. This time when got out to check we could clearly see a coiled piece of wire with one end sticking into the tire. Thankfully, it was merely stuck in the tire tread, and after getting a picture of it, we pulled it out and were on our way.

Nothing further happened on the way home other than some more rain, (remember that burnt out headlight, now we had dark, rainy skies to deal with). 

We all crawled into bed and got up the next morning to unpack. That is when we discovered that Jeremy's jacket (with his keys) was left behind at one of our stops so a quick call was made so they could mail it to us.

Here's to more event filled summer road trips! Where are you going this year?

This post was inspired by a prompt at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. Glad to hear that besides some minor hiccups, your roadtrip was a success!

    As you know, we love roadtrips and spend 6 months a year travelling. I can see a few similarities between our roadtrips like the tire problem, however, we would have had a flat and then gone for our spare but realized that someone had stolen it and then tried to call CAA but the phone was dead. Then, a person would have stopped by, offered to loan us their spare tire and invited us back to their place to stay where they were having a 10 year family reunion and all would have been good with the world. Don't think it doesn't happen...

    Can't wait for your next roadtrip.

    P.S. Might want to make sure that you have a good spare ;)

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  2. All in all not a bad road trip at all!

  3. I love road trips and sometimes the mishaps lead to the best memories. We haven't taken a summer vacation this year, but I'm surely looking forward to a fall getaway. :)