Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: A party to remember with the help of a Frozen Party Kit!

Monday, December 1, 2014

A party to remember with the help of a Frozen Party Kit!

Three weeks ago we were supposed to be having our daughter's 6th Birthday Party. Invites had been sent, food bought and plans made. We had planned a Frozen Party, as like many other girls out there she absolutely loves the movie and dressing up as her favorite character, Elsa!
And then as things sometimes do, our plans had to change. On the Friday night before the party we ended up in the emergency room with my Husband who was in incredible abdominal pain, which turned out being caused by an infected gallbladder. He had his gallbladder removed on that Sunday. 

I went home that night and was able to contact everyone by Facebook (thankful for Social Media) to let them know the party was postponed.  

The process was tough on her, having her Dad in the Hospital and being separated from him. It made for some stressful times and some acting out.

 In the end I was grateful we decided on a three week delay as it took that long for us all to get back into our normal routine. It also meant that I had time to scour the Internet for more Frozen Party Ideas.  I found lots of great themed party foods, decorations and games. 

The delay also meant that we were able to get a Frozen Party Kit from Costume SuperCentre

I placed the order for my kit and was told it would be arriving within 10 business days. Honestly, this had me a bit worried as that put us right to the wire for the new party date. I was quite happy, when indeed the package arrived on the 10th day, right on time! 

Upon opening the box, I was excited for the supply of items inside. It truly was everything one would need to pull off a great party. Everything was great quality and coordinated together excellently and was excellent quality.
I would definitely recommend buying supplies from Costume SuperCentre. It was great to have everything in one package, that quickly shipped right to my house. My only disappointment that was that I didn't get to go get helium in the balloons as coincidentally our vehicle would not start on the day of the party.

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