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Saturday, September 13, 2014

One Of The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done....

While I have been through my share of difficult times in my life, I would have to say that what happened on Monday is right up there as one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Never before have I had to be the one to notify a friend that someone close to us passed away.

As hard as it was when I found out the tragic news on Sunday, I knew I had to be there to tell my friend and her mom.

For this young man worked with her autistic son as his educational assistant at school.

He had helped her son get to where he is today.

He was also our friend.

I knew she needed to hear this tragic news from a friend.

As I literally held my friend, feeling her weight in my arms as she collapsed from the shocking news I cried so hard.

I cried for my loss, her loss and the loss to his family and friends.

This was such tragic, unexpected news that has hit so many people that I know.

You see he was an active member of the local Hearing Society I am involved with for my daughter. This past weekend we had our annual adventure camp.

He was with us on Friday night as he is the one who usually leads the camp for the weekend.

He started off camp as he usually does by addressing us all and going over camp plans and rules.

Then later he started to not feel well.

So someone took him to the hospital. Everything indicated he would get better.

So we continued with camp and banded together as a board to make everything run smoothly and on track.

We all went home on Sunday.

And then we got a message from someone that he had passed away that evening.

At first we had a difficult time piecing together the details and it seemed like maybe the story was wrong.

Until we were able to get clarification that what seemed like a nightmare was in fact true. He had passed away that evening at home from a heart attack.

He was 26.
 He was a husband.

A son.

An avid volunteer in our community.

An integral part of so many lives.

A friend to many.

His Mom is one of my daughter’s teachers at School.

Anyone who met him couldn't help but be uplifted by his amazing smile and caring nature.

He has touched many lives with his ability to connect with children and help them.

He will forever be remembered in our hearts. We are also changing the name of our camp to honor him.

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