Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: August 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School: Tips for getting ready

It is now the time of year when I start to prep for back to School for the kids. School supplies have been bought and now the work of going through my kids closets and drawers for outgrown clothes begins. Despite that,  I am only cautiously optimistic that they will actually be back in School in a couple weeks.

You can read a detailed timeline here of the events here  however, basically back in April the Teachers, having voted in favour of job action back in March, started Phase 1 Job action. This meant they refused to communicate with school Administrators, would arrive no more than an before and leaving an hour after school hours, and would not supervise students outside of class time. 

This last point  resulted in about a dozen school districts across BC cancelling recess. In May Phase 2 Job action started with rotating strikes. By June teachers voted again on escalating and on June 17th Phase three Job action started, meaning that a full-scale strike commenced.  So Parents who dropped their kids off at School that day quickly learned that it was actually the last day of School.

Korean Beef

I admit that Summer Meals around here sometimes consist of some more hastily thrown together meals especially during hot weather. Once Fall comes and the cooler temperatures with it, I get back into making some of our favourite meals that can be cooked indoors instead of on the grill. Given that Fall is also the start of school and activities we tend to also look for quick, nutritious meals. This one fits the bill and is loved by us all. It is also easily doubled for when we have company for dinner. I like to serve it with steamed carrots too! I originally found this recipe over at Lizzie Writes and adapted the spices used for our taste buds.