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Friday, July 25, 2014

Kid's Say The Darndest Things!

When it was on air I loved watching Bill Cosby on the show “Kid’s Say The Darndest Things”, it was always good for a laugh. Lucky for me now that I have kids of my own they provide in home entertainment with all the funny things they say! 

In fact, Many years ago when my son started talking I started a little journal that I keep to record those funny moments. I figure we can look back on them and laugh when they are older, either that or I will have some great stories to tell at their weddings!

Here are some recent Things that my kids have said that in some cases literally left me speechless:

 1.  Karensa and I were having a conversation recently about babies and we talked about how her and her brother had been babies in my belly. She will sometimes point at my belly and joke that I have a baby in there. This day we happened to talk about how I won’t be having any more babies. She looked at me and said “Don’t worry Mom, soon I will have babies and you can hug them”…At five years old that “soon” is a long ways away my dear!! She has also been telling people this week that she is going to grow up, have babies and then be a firefighter.

 2.  She has been cracking me up this past week if you ask her what her last name is. She will tell you, and then if you ask her what the rest of our last names are she gets this shocked look on her face when she realizes that we all have the same last name. She will say the name each time, laugh and exclaim “You have the same last name, that is SO weird!” She also gets a kick out of it when people have the name Karen and she realizes that it is part of her name.

3.   At a recent eye appointment Nathan and I were waiting to go in and see the Doctor. After we were done there we would be heading to the store for some shopping. Which he dreads doing and he asked if we really had to go. I said yes, and asked him what he would do when he was older and moved out? How would he get groceries and clothes, etc. for himself? He responded and said that he would get a servant. Or he said maybe when he was older he would like shopping by then, but that if he did he would hate himself because shopping is so stupid! I can't wait till he is older and on his own and I get to recap this conversation for him.

4.   Ever have one of those moments when your kids try to find a creative way around a punishment you gave them ? Of course when this happens you really want to be mad at them but can’t help but laugh {in your head since of course one wouldn't want their kids to ever think they have the upper hand}. Well, earlier this week Nathan and I were planning to go on a bike ride together. I can’t remember the particulars but at some point during the early evening I was continually being frustrated by his actions as he kept not listening to me when I would ask him to stop doing things or not doing things I would ask him. 

Finally, I couldn't take it any more and told him that due to his behaviour he had lost out on the opportunity to go on his bike with me that night.  Clearly, he took a few minutes inside to contemplate this punishment and came running into the backyard, helmet on and headed to his bike. I asked him what he was doing and he said “Mom, you really should choose your words more carefully! You told me that I couldn't go for a bike ride with you tonight, but you never said I couldn't go on my own!”. I stood there speechless for a moment as I digested what he had just said. 

Of course in my head I thought, Wow what a smart move on his part and then promptly went inside to my husband “You won’t believe what your son just pulled on me!” Needless to say he did not go out on his bike that night. He told me afterwards that he wasn't talking to me and hated me. Yet, of course the next day he was wanting cuddles with his Mom again and telling me that he was sorry for what he said when he was mad at me. 
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  1. The gears in a kid's mind are always turning!

  2. Ha ha, you better watch that kid; he's a smart one!

    It was very generous of your daughter to say that she'll have babies for you to cuddle since you're not having any more. ;)