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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Can't never did anything - Wise words from my Grandma

Can’t never did anything.

I am sure that the first time I heard this I didn't truly understand the meaning of it.

I do know that as time went on I heard this phrase many times and grew to understand it.

This was my grandmother’s standard response to my wails and whines of “I can’t”

"Can’t never did anything” She would respond.

During those years she also taught me what I needed to know and guided me through solving those problems I thought I couldn't overcome.

She never let me give up and admit defeat.

She taught me that saying "I can" was a better alternative to "I can't". 

I remember my grandmother holding the back of my bike as I learned to ride it and she was the one who let go that day that I was able to pedal on my own.

She had incredible patience.

My grandmother was such a strong woman and someone I truly looked up to.

Which made it all that more difficult to lose her at a young age. I will never forget that day we received the news that she had passed away.

More importantly, I will never forget that two days after she passed away, she appeared at the foot of my bed to tell me “Everything will be okay”.

At the time I had no idea how they could possibly be okay. 

My parents were divorced, my step-dad had moved in with us and things were not going well.

The fact that the one person in my life who had taught and loved me so much was gone was unbelievable to me.

I had no idea how I would get through difficult times without my Grandma.

And those difficult times came as things only got worse between my step-dad and I.

I suffered through years of abuse at his hands and watching my mom stand by him.

Then one day I just packed my things and walked out of my parents’ house to live somewhere else.

After all, Can’t never did anything.

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