Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Monday Quiz About Me

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day from the US!  Do you have a favorite MLK quote? Not of the top of my head can I think of one specific quote that is my favorite. There are too many great ones to pick from.

2. Wayne told Heather to get the questions up early because we'd be exhausted from our trip... she didn't listen to his good advice, so MQAM is late - when was the last time you didn't listen to good advice? I can't think of a specific incident although I am sure there likely was one at some point. I am sure my husband would chime in to tell you what it was if he remembers one. 

3. Since we talked about Movies last week, lets talk TV this week - what show or shows do you wish was still on TV that ended or was cancelled? Not really, any that were cancelled I have now moved onto other shows. Although I got into 666 when it was on and do dislike being left hanging but I have found new shows to watch. What would be nice is the type of shows we grew up with instead of some of the shows on nowadays, especially children's shows. The Cosby's and Who's the Boss were some of my favorites growing up. 

4. What is your personal anthem or theme song? Hmm..not sure I really have one but Tubthumber by Chumbawumba popped into my head when read this question so I will go with that one " I get knocked down but get up again". I really liked that song in High school and it is fitting for many of the situations I have been through in life.

My 5th question this week is ...

What is the one item you absolutely need to make sure you pack when travelling away from home?

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