Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Help your kids celebrate International Walk (Or Bike) To School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 9

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Help your kids celebrate International Walk (Or Bike) To School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 9

Did you walk to school as a child? According to statistics, in 1970, more than half of all elementary school students ages 6-11 walked to school. By 2006, only 15 percent were walking to school.

I remember walking to school as a child, starting in Kindergarten. Flash forward to the present and the line-up of vehicles at elementary schools sure shows that more kids arrive at school on a bus or their parents vehicles. Shocked by this trend, a group called the Partnership for a Walkable America started National Walk to School Day in 1997 as a one-day event aimed at building awareness for the need for walkable communities. In 2000, the event became international with the UK, Canada joined with the US for the 1stInternational Walk to School Day.

That one day event has now expanding to several other countries and the dates were expanded, making October International Walk to School Month.
When our son started Kindergarten we lived across the street from his school, yet we still walked him over there every day for a few years. It was a nice way to spend a bit of time together in the morning. Then in grade 3 his school moved (thankfully not far, however the move now meant crossing a busy intersection). We continued to walk with him to help him cross the street. There came a time though, when of course he asked to start walking to school and after making sure he understood the safety rules and knew the way we let him.

Recently we moved, not far mind you as the new place is 1.5 km from the house if you drive. Thankfully, when walking the route is much smaller due to some shortcuts. Now that our daughter is in school, we were walking them both to their respective schools, across the street from one another. Since our son is involved in various extracurricular activities at school and tutoring. We now don’t need to head back to the school to pick him up or when his sister is sick he can go back and forth himself.

Even if walking every day is not something that fits with your schedule or proximity to a school, there are still ways you can be involved. Consider parking further away one day and walking the rest of the way to school or dropping your child off at a friend’s house that lives close to the school so they can walk together. You could even  work with your child's teachers to organize an event during the school day where the class goes for a walk around the neighborhood.

For more great ideas heading over to the International Walk/Bike to School Website! 

Had you heard of this event before? How do your children get to school? Will you make any changes this month to take part in International Walk to School Month?

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