Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Easy Halloween Craft: Mini Marshmallow Ghosts

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easy Halloween Craft: Mini Marshmallow Ghosts

We have been pretty busy with decorating our lawn and house for Halloween. Knowing how much my kids like to do crafts I was happy to find a simple craft to do tonight while we waited for dinner to cook. 

The best part was we only technically needed three things to make it.  

Glue, paper and marshmallows were easily transformed into spooky ghosts, however we opted to also use some neat stickers and rub on transfers I found on clearance at the drug store.

To start we used the glue to make the outline of a ghost on the paper and then the kids added in features they wanted such as eyes, nose and mouth.

Then simply start sticking the marshmallows to the glue. And every once in awhile eat one, this step was a must according to the kids! As mentioned we added some some rub on transfers and stickers, but the ghosts would be spooky enough on their own too!


  1. So cute and what a great way to use up stale marshmallows!

  2. This is so cute! I'll try this with ghosts AND snowmen!

  3. Aww, super cute! My daughter would love to make one of these :)

  4. Ha ha! Now I would just have to keep my youngest from eating the marshmellows!

  5. This looks like a cute craft idea for kids. I like that eating the marshmallows is an actual step according to your kids.