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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We Bought a House

I know that there has been a lack of posts on the blog. I promise that while not much is being posted, I have indeed been busy. After an eternity (almost a year) of looking we have bought a house. We have looked at lots of places, some were okay and some not so much. And then there was the one after going through it I went home and took a shower. It has been a month since our offer was accepted and we got keys to the house today and dropped off a load of stuff. It seems the last month has flown by and I feel like I have been living in another universe, where my life was consumed by packing, purging and planning. There has been so much to do from getting utility accounts switched, house inspection, insurance, the list goes on and on. And the signing of the paperwork, there sure is a ton of that.
It was a bit of a stressful process to say the least but will be so worth it. I calculated out the financial side of things and with a rent increase every year, in four years we would be paying the equivalent of what our mortgage on the house will be just in rent (for a two bedroom townhouse with no private yard). Whereas with the house we add in repairs, city utilities and property taxes but get four bedrooms, and most importantly a fenced yard. We are finishing up packing tonight and will take loads of stuff to the house tomorrow while someone watches the kids. We will be spending few nights at house with sleeping bags and camping mats until the movers come on Saturday to move the furniture.

For curiosities sake we measured our current two bedroom townhouse and it is approximately 1000 sq feet. This includes a garage and laundry room on the main floor. This is a decent size laundry room but it is cold and behind the garage so it was used for storage. The new house is 2000 sq feet, no garage but lots of living space! Stay tuned once we get in and unpacked we can’t wait to keep sharing exciting things especially our adventures in home ownership and when we make some changes to the place. Some painting will need to be done for sure and I am sure we will be pouring over magazines, websites and Pinterest for some neat ideas for the house.

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