Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Getting Involved in your Child's class: Tips for Parent Volunteers

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting Involved in your Child's class: Tips for Parent Volunteers

Recently I went on a two day field trip with my sons school. We got to go to a great camp and spend the night enjoying all those fun camp experiences as well as tour the local historic site.

Volunteering at your child's school is a great way to be involved in their education. While tagging along on a two day field was fun, volunteering does not have to be such a big commitment. 

I have volunteered in his class on special art project days (making clay fish was super fun) and as a helper in the classroom with reading (listening to kids read for support) or with classroom work.

Be sure to check with the teacher at the beginning of the year, there might be some days of the week where they could use extra help so if you happened to get that day off form work you will know you can simply show up to help.

Simply attending school events and presentations shows your support too, so don’t fret if you don’t have extra time to volunteer.

For those who do volunteer here are some great tips to keep in mind for going on Field Trips:

Questions to ask teacher

1.       Confirm that policies regarding background checks and that yours is valid
2.       Learn school rules for field trips, safety, medical emergencies etc.
3.       Determine teacher’s expectations – what will  your role be?
4.       How will misbehaviour be dealt with? What is your role in this a volunteer?
5.       Find out if children going have allergies, medical issues, what will be done if medication needs to be administered?

Go on, get out and enjoy some time with your Child's class today!


  1. I am excited for my daughter to go on trips when she gets to school. I will keep your tips in mind.

  2. Great tips! I have to admit, I laughed to myself a little when I read about taking pain medication, but mostly because it makes sense and you're not sugar coating it. lol My mom had to work the entire time I was growing up, so I especially loved when she took the time and made the effort to go on class or band trips with me.

  3. My Mom was someone very, very involved in my life and always with us on school trips when we were young. It would be awesome to be able to do that with my future children!

  4. I love to volunteer in my kids classrooms! Always such fun and I know teachers can use the extra assistance!

  5. I've gone on day trips with both of my kids classes and I really enjoy them - first spending time with my own kids, but also their friends and those kids they talk about all the time at home - putting faces to names is great.

  6. Wonderful tips. I love volunteering at schools. I always leave in the best mood.

  7. The first time I helped on a trip, I just showed up. I felt like a complete waste, as I was always being told what to do and where to go. I don't believe I did any good.

    After that, I began doing most of what you have outlined above...and, boy, are you right! A world of difference!

  8. Parent volunteering is VERY important nowadays!

  9. Great tips! I loved going on the trips with my daughter's class last year and plan to attend at least one every year she will "allow" me :)

  10. My son is going to school first time in September! I am so very excited and at the same time, nervous. I could totally use your post from today for future reference. Going to book mark. Thank you :)