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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A long get to preschool

800 Kilometers might seem like a long way to drive to take your child to preschool. I would be inclined to agree in most cases, but recently we made this long drive in order to give our daughter a unique preschool experience.

So why did we make the  crazy choice to travel that far when she has already attended preschool for two years? Since she is entering Kindergarten in the Fall we were given the chance to attend a program put on by the Hearing Resource Center that we work with. 

For three days children attend a program specifically for children with hearing loss designed to focus on their emotional and esteem readiness. The children learn to advocate for their needs, recognizing when their equipment is not working and various other important lessons to prepare for entering Kindergarten.

Along with all the learning going on, the children also make great friendships. One of those friendships actually started back when our Daughter was only 18 months old. We made the same trip to attend the summer program at the center, (although we flew as it was a pit stop along the way on our trip across the country to visit family) which provides a chance for families to meet and visit and includes an entertainer/special event each day. Families travel for this program from all over the province. 

During this most recent we got to stay with the same family as the 1st time in the housing provided for out of city families. While the girls didn't really remember each other that well from the last visit, they were soon fast friends again. Karensa was upset when her friend left and has been asking for her since we got home. We have made plans to have the girls use Skype to stay in touch.

Having seen the great benefit from attending this last event, we have decided to attend that same summer program we 1st went to.

The great news is that we don’t actually have to do the driving on these trips. This last time we took the Shriner’s Care cruiser, a program that offers (free of charge) transportation for children and their families travelling for medical appointments or other services related to medical conditions.

While the 12 hour drive made for a long day, at least we weren't driving. Which left us free to entertain the kids, enjoy the scenery and relax. Check out this picture of me catching a nap in the power recliner on-board the bus. 

There was plenty of room on the bus, and we traveled with one other family both ways.
And again I was happy to not be driving when we encountered snowy weather on the way home. 

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  1. That sounds like a really neat program. My son was a peer mentor for a hard of hearing preschool for an entire school year when he was 4. They had two hearing children with advanced language in the class. It seems like they had a lot of similar goals to the program you speak of, and it was really neat.

  2. Sounds like a great program. And sounds like a really great trip!

  3. That sounds like a really great program!

  4. What a great program! Your school system sounds like it has some great resources to work with.

  5. The schools where I live lack these types of programs. I have a couple of friends who both have children with learning disabilities, one of which is pulling her daughter out of public school and is going to homeschool. She has been attending conferences that have given her some excellent resources though.