Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Yes Nathan, there is a Saturday

Friday, March 1, 2013

Yes Nathan, there is a Saturday

Earlier this week Nathan asked me what should have been a fairly simple question: When is my friend coming for a sleepover?

Pretty simple right, let him know the day and move on. And that is where simple suddenly became a little more complicated.

Seeing the eagerness in his eyes, the excitement to have his buddy over for an evening, I quickly responded “Saturday”

Looking over I saw a puzzled look in his eyes as if he was working hard to process the information. It was one word, I thought what could be hard about that?

As he continued to look at me with a questioning glare, I thought to myself would you please just “stop looking at me like that”.

Braking the uncomfortable silence, he states ”But Mom, there is no Saturday this week”

As he continues staring at the calendar I silently hope that he will figure out himself why there is apparently no Saturday.

No such luck, so I simply say “Turn the calendar page”.

With a smack to his forehead he replies “Oh Saturday this week is in March, not February!”

Yes, and thankfully the world was good again and we found the missing Saturday!

Have your kids said something recently that has provided a good chuckle??

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  1. Great post! My grandson is the same way.

  2. My kids make me giggle every day!
    My 5 year old is always saying the craziest things. He has a thing right now were I'm not allowed to see his butt! I know crazy lol the other day I walked into the bathroom when he was going potty he started yelling and trying to cover himself up saying "ma can't you see I'm busy in here!" Trying his hardest to cover his behind with his two hands. I told him I have no interest in seeing his little tush. His jaw dropped and he stomped his foot at me lol
    I honestly wonder where kids get these things :)

  3. That is seriously precious!!

    Earlier today my 4 year old asked me to play cars with him, which I am not good at since I get bored I played for a bit, then sat on a chair next to him reading on my Kindle when he looks at me and says:

    A: Mom, you are not watching me play. You ARE playing with me....Tan, tan, taaaaaaaaan.

    Made me laugh! I have no clue where he got that "tan, tan, taaaaaaaan" from, but it was hilarious!

  4. Hahahaha! That was great! One time my daughter told me that her "fork head" hurt. I told her that if she had a fork in it, no wonder it hurt. :P


  5. So funny! When my son hurt his arm he wanted to go to Walmart and buy another one. I guess he thinks you can get anything from Walmart.

  6. Hah! Super cute...thanks for the laugh!!