Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Day 7: My Dream Job – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 7: My Dream Job – 31 Day Blog Challenge

What is my dream job??

I have been at my current job for 10.5 years in addition to the 9 month Inter-ship I completed prior to that. Is it my dream job...not quite but I like what I do (most days) and it is a reliable position with good benefits, pay etc. When I started that intern-ship I definitely did not picture this becoming my career path but after being called back four months after the end of it,  landing a full time position and later becoming a permanent employee it was a great place to be.

I can't remember what I dreamed of being was I younger, but during high school my plan was to be a physiotherapist. That required some good marks in science and math, both of which were not my strong suits and I passed on that.

Next was my goal of getting my Early Childhood Education Certificate, having always loved working with children. In high school I had taken the Camp Counsellor in Training course, volunteered at a daycare and of course babysat neighbourhood kids in addition to taking care of my younger brothers quite a bit. I almost finished too but failed a practicum  we were expecting our first child and I could not finish 3rd and 4th practicum the following session as I was due during 4th and they had to be in same year.

So, my dream job now. Well, the part I like most about my current work is helping people. I am glad that for at least part of my day I get to go out and support other staff, providing services to help them get their jobs done. So I would definitely want my dream job to be something where I was helping people. I think it would be neat to be working with children too, and based on my experiences with our daughter something like speech therapy would be neat or possibly physical therapy working with children. 

That being said I would dread going back to school at this point so these are merely dreams!


  1. I love how our dreams change as we grow:) You never know what cards life is going to deal you!

  2. That's an interesting progression. Isn't it interesting how our dream job develops (well, mostly. I still think it would be very awesome to be an astronaut ballerina, my dream job at six.)