Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Day 24: My Most Embarrassing Moment – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 24: My Most Embarrassing Moment – 31 Day Blog Challenge

I have no trouble picking my Most Embarrassing Moment. It involves my mother and occurred back when Jeremy and I were teenagers and had just started dating. We went on a day trip and he came along. After doing some shopping at a department store we decided to go enjoy our picnic lunch in a park.

And that is when it happened, the classic moment of a parent embarrassing their child. At the time I had a cold sore on my lip. That will be an important part of the story coming up

As we started to eat, my Mom took out the cans of pop she had brought along. Of course she did not bring enough for everyone so sharing was necessary  As she took them from the cooler and placed them on the table she looks at me and says "I am not sharing with you, you have herpes".

So Jeremy just says that he will share with me. At this point, I am thinking great, why did I agree to him coming along and spending time with my family?

Will it only got better when my Mom noticed a couple walking through the park. This would seem completely innocent however they happened to throw their pop cans in the trash.

This threw my Mom in psycho protect the environment mode and she promptly got up from the table and let that couple know that they should not be throwing recyclable materials in the trash.

She then proceeded to not only recover the cans from the trash she also dug further to see if there were others. Now I was the one who was happy to not be sharing that can of pop with her, given her hands were now covered in all sorts of nasty germs!

Will needless to say I did not pass my herpes onto Jeremy and my Mom didn't scare him off.


  1. Oh my gosh I can imagine that was embarrassing. Mom's have a way of doing that. I can't wait to embarrass my grand kids :)

  2. I have embarrassed my oldest granddaughter, Jade, almost 16, when we wee at Denny's. She was flirting with a boy from her school and I called her on it, aloud. I won't do that again.

  3. Oh goodness.. So many stories involving moms.. :D

  4. hahaha.....moms have a knack for embarrassing kids I think. Love it!

  5. Ha! Moms always seem to figure into embarassing moments.

  6. haha! i embarrass my daughter daily! i have tattoos and she hates them! she hates her friends seeing them too