Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Day 19: 5 Blogs I Read On A Regular Basis – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 19: 5 Blogs I Read On A Regular Basis – 31 Day Blog Challenge

There are a whole lot more than just 5 blogs I check on a regular basis but here are the top five I enjoy reading:

1. Listen 2 Lena: I love Lena's witty humour and the great reviews that she shares. Plus I think it's awesome that she lives in the province I was born in. Plus she loves Disney so I get to see lots of great pictures from the most magical place on earth (which I hope someday to get to visit)

2. My Organized Chaos: Tammy kids are downright cute but that is not the only reason I stop by. She shares some awesome recipes (the bacon wrapped chicken was delicious) and shares how she manages the chaos in her home (and how sometimes it gets the best of her).

3. Tara's View of the World: Besides the fact that we have the same first name, I can always count on her kids to have done something funny to give me a good laugh! And I am sensing a trend here but it could just be coincidence that Tara also lives in the province I was born in.

4. MamaNYC: Nicole knows a lot about blogging and is always sharing some great tip or advice plus great giveaways  link-ups and hilarious tales of her daily life. Not to mention this is where I got to find out about all the strange Holidays and observations going on in any given month.

5. Holly's House - Not a Perfect Mom's Blog: Do not visit this blog if you can't stand some foul language, and some descriptive pictures. Some might find either of these a tad offensive but Holly has a way of making it "spit your coffee out" hilarious!! All while documenting the "joys" of raising her children and advocating for children with special needs, such as her daughter Brooke.

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