Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Day 14: What’s On The iPod? – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 14: What’s On The iPod? – 31 Day Blog Challenge

I use my ipod at work sometimes when I get tired of listening to the radio. I desperately need to get on and add some new songs onto it, especially since I still have an itunes gift card sitting here waiting to be used.

So what is on my ipod you is a list of artists music that I have currently:

Amanada Marshall

Savage Garden
Jan Arden
Matchbox Twenty
Barenaked Ladies
Sheryl Crow

In addition I also have Cars and Kung Fu Panda movies on there too! I swear these are used for entertaining the kids while travelling or at appointments not for when I get bored at work...

Looking at my list above lots of those artists are ones that I started out liking in high-school (and that I still like) but I think it is time to add in some music from some newer artists that I enjoy.


  1. I love Train! My favorite song has got to be Drive By or Soul Sister.. You are so funny, especially your comment about the Cars songs! Kristy Wong :

  2. Train! And movies on the ipod are such a lifesaver some days.