Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: The name Game

Friday, February 8, 2013

The name Game

Being pregnant with our first-born  I must admit the most stressful part of the whole process was picking a name. We actually picked a name right away, the only problem was that the name was perfect for a girl, but not so much for a boy. 

This was perfectly fine until my husband found out we were having a boy three weeks prior to his birth. During a scheduled ultrasound to check on my previously noticed placenta previa, he could not help but notice the tell-tale sign that we were due to have a son. I had to take his word for it since the ultrasound technician would not show me the screen. 

We did manage to get a very close-up picture of his face though. Along with the other great pictures we got at our 2nd ultrasound which I have included below they make for great memories. His first ultrasound was at eight weeks along and all we saw was a peanut looking thing on the screen.

We really had tried to find a boys name but to no avail. A girl's name had come quite easily and since we struggled so much to find a boys name we felt that maybe it would be a girl, that it was a sign.

After the ultrasound my hubby told me me "So, we need to pick a boys name". And just like that the pressure was on. So I took a sheet of paper scoured the baby name lists and wrote out a couple pages of names that I felt would work for first and middle names. Handed it to him and told him to narrow it down and find two that went nicely together and that he liked. Since so far we had not been able to agree on any. 

After some contemplation, (why oh why was it so hard for us to find a name for this baby) he managed to find one that worked and our son was named Nathan Connor. Nathan means "he gave" and Connor means "Strong willed". 

He can definitely challenge us at times with his strong will, yet in the next moment have us trying hard to contain our laughter over a funny comment or action!

Flash forward six and half years and we were expecting our second child. In this case we did have both a girls and boys name picked out early on. Neither one of us can remember just what the boys name we picked out was so I won't be able to share that. 

However, the girls name we chose was the original one we picked out when expecting Nathan. That name was Karensa Evelyn. At the time we chose it we could only find the meaning for Karen, which was "pure" and paired with the name Evelyn which meant "life" it certainly seemed a great match. And Evelyn was my grandmothers middle name, someone who was especially important to me growing up and who we sadly lost when I was 9.

We scoured the Internet during the second pregnancy and found the meaning of Karensa, an old Cornish name which meant "love". And so our little girl was destined to "Love Life". Which she certainly lives up to with her brilliant smile and energetic zest! 

Since I could not find her one ultrasound picture, here is an early photo showing her spunky attitude!

So there you have it, the story of how our children came to be named. I will need to in the future share their birth stories, which are as unique and different as they are.

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  1. I also have my Grandma's middle name for my middle name. It's always so fun to hear about how parents came up with their childrens' names and the meanings they carry!

    1. My grandmother had such a hand in raising us and spent so much time with us it was great to pass it along to my daughter!

  2. All of our kids names have special meanings too. I love when parents take the time to pick a name that means something special to them then just some random name.

    1. Since your children will have it for the rest of their lives it does take some thought and is nice when it is something special.

  3. aaawww!!! She's adorable!! I was named after my mom; her name was Josephine Anne and she made it Joanne.

    1. On my dad's side, it is tradition to name your first born son after yourself, with one name continuing through the family tree. No middle name either so our family tree has lots of people with the same name, and family reunions are always interesting. My Mom used the name as a middle name for my brother, but both my dad and grandfather have the same name and so on.

  4. I love learning about the meaning behind children's names. All of ours are named after a family member that meant a lot to us.