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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sharing a moment in time

I didn't get around to writing anything this past weekend. We were fairly busy and so not only did I not really get a  chance, I also didn't know what to write.

While out on Saturday I found some inspiration.

We attended a local Christmas Celebration at the Railway and Forestry Museum. There was hot dogs, popcorn, cookie decorating, mini train rides, and Christmas Village displays.

The best part though was Santa Claus. This was the Santa Claus of your childhood imagination. A nice white beard (which in this case was real so made it even better.)

My son told me he figured he could pull on that beard and it wouldn't move like the other Santa's. Thankfully, he did not test out that theory.

Santa spent around five minutes with each child, and you could just see the magic in their eyes as he conversed with the children.

While we were waiting in line there was a lady standing next to us, who seemed to just be taking in all the joy. It was after all a picture perfect scene.

Mrs. Claus was milling around the space, stopping to chat every once in a while. Someone had pulled up a bench to the piano and started playing Seasonal songs.

Everywhere there were smiling, laughing faces and you could just feel the warmth around the room.

After a few moments this lady turned to me and simply said, “This is what I need right now, to just be here, in this moment. 

"After what happened on Friday in Conneticut, it is nice to just be here and see the smiles on the children’s faces." She said, "I cannot imagine that what happened on Friday happened to children just like this"

In that moment of time, we shared something, our fears and our common need to experience something good.

I sat there, listening, trying to not cry, standing next to my daughter. All I could do was hold her just a little tighter and of course agree with this ladies words, because that is the truth of it.

Looking around and hugging my child I too could not truly imagine the pain and terror that happened on Friday, even though I knew it was very real. And scary.

For the families that have lost a loved one this is all too real and my heart goes out to them during this time.

The tragedy of last week, is just that,  a tragedy on so many levels, which has left many victims and many grieving families. Please keep everyone touched by this tragedy in your thoughts.


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