Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Due for a "true" Vacation

Friday, December 28, 2012

Due for a "true" Vacation

December is a busy month. It seems that if we weren't out doing something fun this month we were dealing with a sick kid, working on homework projects for the oldest, making new speech therapy goals and the list goes on and on.

And that is just at home. I have felt similar feelings at work this month, just trying to stay caught up with the work. And even then, it is not necessarily our busiest time of year. Nope this is just the planning for the busy time, which will be the next three months come the New Year.

So I told my boss that I needed a week off and proceeded to book one for a week in early January.

However, I quickly began to realize the things that needed done and started booking appointments for that week. Before I knew it I had 5 appointments booked for my week off.

The only bonus is that at the end of the week I will have accomplished a number of things and will have avoided taking a bunch of leave from work if I had spread all those appointments out. And I am leaving Friday completly free so I do have one free day.

One day with all that saved up Vacation time I would love to just take my family and escape from it all. Somewhere warm would be nice, but honestly I will settle for a nice place to stay, with a warm comfy bed and someone to cook all my meals. 

Somewhere that I do not have to hear the word appointment, school, meeting for the entire time. Instead I will soak in the words relax, rejuvenate and connect. Somewhere my family can go and just be a family hanging out having fun.

Using Mama Kat's Pretty Much Famous Writers Workshop this post was inspired by prompt # 4  After the holidays I call for a nation wide parent vacation…where would you choose to go?. You will find many more great posts on her linky. 

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  1. Yes, a "real" vacation for moms is needed after the holidays! I would go to Florida because its warm. That would be a change to the cold weather :)

  2. It being so cold lately, I would go somewhere warm!

  3. A real vacation would be great, but with 5 Children and seven Grandchildren we will have to settle watching the travel channel for a dew more months. This summer we are planning a vacation to Florida which is way over due...time to relax!