Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Book Review: Understanding Other People by Bev Flaxington

Friday, December 28, 2012

Book Review: Understanding Other People by Bev Flaxington

Starting today I will be in charge while our manager is away. I have had these acting assignments numerous times in the past, so am pretty used to it by now.

These assignments have not always been easy. There have been some in particular, where I remember thinking “Why did I do this again? Reminding myself that I was gaining valuable experience during these times.

I have certainly learned a few things along the way about interacting with others. There have been times though where I simply did not understand what the cause was.

When I recently reviewed Understanding Other People: The five secrets to Human Behavior By Bev Flaxingtion I found some great insight into why these communication breakdowns can occur.  Reading the book, it really made sense that people bring their pasts, values, filters and behavioral styles to the workplace and specifically into the conversations that we have.

uop-cover.jpgOne of the five secrets covered in the books helps you to understand that typically our interactions are essentially about ourselves.  The secret “ It’s all about ME” is the idea that each of us views unintentionally though our own lenses or experiences in our life, thereby passing judgments based on those experiences.

If we can learn to be aware of these filters and look past them rather than judging based on them, one can work on their communication with others and on changing their actions and reactions.

I really appreciated that this was not some thick manual of a book that took forever to read. Chock full of important information to communicating this book is nicely presented in a slim, easy to read package.

Each chapter covers one secret to communication and gives a great overview of how it relates to interacting with others. Best of all at the end of each chapter there are step by step instructions and ideas on how to implement each “secret”.

This is a great reference book, if only to remind oneself that it is not all about “me” and that there is so much more involved in relating to others.

If you want to learn more be sure to check out Bev's website,
Click here to purchase the book for yourself so you will always have it handy!

Beverly D. Flaxington
Beverly D. Flaxington, two-time bestselling and Gold-award winning author, is an accomplished consultant, hypnotherapist, personal and career coach, author, college professor, corporate trainer, facilitator, behavioral expert, entrepreneur and business development expert.

Beverly’s knowledge of human behavior and the most effective ways to make change happen have helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations over the years. She is recognized as a confidence coach and work relationship “doctor” by many.

*In addition to receiving the above product in exchange for this review, I also received financial compensation. As always, all opinions are 100% mine!*


  1. This sounds good - I know I have the most issues when I have bouts of selfishness, so I try to refocus on others.

  2. This sounds like a book I need to read. Thank you for sharing.