Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Super Undies Pocket Potty Training Pants Review

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Super Undies Pocket Potty Training Pants Review

When we received our Super Undies Pocket Potty Training pants we had been using pocket diapers for about 3.5 years. And yes we had continued to use them as training pants, which didn't seem to bother our daughter but who wouldn't want a training pant that was instead made to look like big kid underwear and not a diaper, but also super hero inspired?

Front View
Super Undies are available in a pull on trainer, nighttime undies, and pocket trainers like we received. To find out more about the difference between the pull on and pocket trainers check out this great video.

What I first noticed was the versatility of this product, in that your child can easily pull on the trainer just like a pair of panties, but thanks to the added feature of the snaps in the back the trainer can also be removed easily just like a diaper (except the snaps are in the back where you child can't get to them). This is a great feature allowing the trainer to be adaptable to children of different abilities and also great for when your child happens to not make it to the potty and leaves a *deposit* inside the trainer that would just make a mess when removal. At least with the snaps it is easier to remove the trainer without making a further mess!

Back View
The second thing I really liked about this trainer that you don't see often is the pocket, which just like the pocket in cloth diapers can be used to add extra absorbency  Perfect for using for nighttime or nap time just in case you have a heavy wetter. It really makes this product the best of both worlds, a great trainer as well as backup diaper essentially if needed. And Super Undies also come in XL and XXL sizes for children and adults with special needs.

As for sizing I struggled for a bit trying to decide which size to get for our daughter. That is until I found an awesome review on this very product at Maria had given all the measurements of the actual trainer and I was able to quickly use those to determine that for my 3.5 year old 26 pound child the small would be best, knowing that she was quite petite. The small fit her perfect and lasted through to her graduating to panties! For more average sized children I would definitely expect them to need a bigger size. You can find Maria's review here if you want more info on sizing, but the size chart below should help too!

Super Undies Size Chart

Typical Age
2 – 3 yrs
2 – 5 yrs
5 + yrs

*I was provided with the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% mine and I only write reviews on products I truly believe in!


  1. Have to say I'm SO glad I'm out of that stage!! And, they never had cool get up's like that when I needed them!! LOL I missed out :)

  2. I wish I would have known about these when my daughter was younger, I think it would have made potty training much easier. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Aww, I wish they had these when I was potty training. Thankfully both my girls were super easy to potty train but I still think these would have been awesome!