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Friday, October 12, 2012

National Costume Swap Day October 13th

Image: Green Halloween

Three years ago in the US a couple people came up with National Costume Swap Day which  was born from a simple idea – trading costumes instead of buying new ones. That one simple thought has blossomed into a National Event that is now expanding into Canada. Tomorrow October 13th will be the first Costume Exchange Day in Canada.

I just heard about this event happening in my own community yesterday and while we already have costumes for the kids this year, they love to dress up, making this a perfect event for us!. And since  my kids likely won’t want to give up any of their old costumes I love that our  Local Art Gallery who is hosting the event has given multiple ways to participate in this event:

*Simply drop of old costumes you no longer need prior to the event (in good condition of course!) and receive a swap card for the day of the event
*Come on the day of the event and swap out a costume
*Come on the day of the event and donate $5 and pick out a new costume

Plus I am sure there will be loads of accessories to go along with all these new costumes. Maybe my son will find a pirate sword to go along with the pirate costume he received this year from Costume Discounters.

I love that this event promotes recycling and creativity all while kids have fun and parents get to go home knowing they have acquired cool costumes for their kids (or for yourself as there will be adult costumes too) at a fraction of the cost of buying new (Who wouldn't be excited about that?) We of course haven't bought ourselves costumes yet, so will definitely be checking out the offerings for us adults!

So if you are in the market for some new costumes or some great accessories check out the National Costume Swap Day site and click on 2012 swaps to find a location near you. For my fellow Canadians check out the Canadian site Note that I found not all locations offering swaps were listed on the Canadian site so be sure to keep your eyes out for info in the media in your area.  I would love to hear if you attended a swap and the cool costumes you found!

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  1. National Costume Swap Day is a wonderful idea - saves money and is good for the environment. I'd never heard of it before. I'm glad this idea has come to Canada and hope to see it in Dartmouth NS. I know many families will want to participate.