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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Writer's Workshop: When I was Younger


I played outside for hours at a time
Just  had to be sure to be home in time to hear the dinner bell chime
True latchkey kids, I watched my brother when we got home from school
Slouch socks and neon clothes were cool
At school slap bracelets were put on a banned list of toys
But not before we experienced so many joys
Our first home computer was a commodore 64
Which made word processing a chore
Chuck E. Cheese was the place to be
Every  store gave plastic bags for free
I owned a Walkman and knew how to rewind a cassette
My school even had instruments, I played the clarinet
Michael Jackson and PeeWee Herman were great in my books
Big hair was the latest in looks
When I was younger I thought this all was so cool
Kids nowadays would certainly think I was a fool

Now  I am older and have kids of my own
That I get to drive all over town
My son wears skinny jeans and wants his hair long
But at least his pants don’t start at his knees, this is just wrong
He talks of Beyblades and Pokeman , I simply smile and nod
Putting on a good façade
Moms schedule play dates and carry around a cell phone
More and more adult kids still live at home
My almost four year old is used to playing games online
Can work a computer and use Netflix just fine
Groceries can be ordered and brought to your door
With online shopping I can get that and more
IPOD’s are all the rage and DVD’s and Blue ray are so neat
And kids think it is all so “sweet”

My younger self would be shocked to see the world now
I would likely say “Holy Cow”

This was written for Mama Kat's weekly Writers Workshop which I just found.  Every week she posts a list of choices for writing prompts and if you choose to post on one (or more) you can link up to her blog!

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  1. That was great. I could agree with both view points. I had big hair and even bigger earrings.

  2. Really reminds me of. Being a kid. Being a mum myself now, I can see how different times are and how much more protective I am of my son compared to when I was the same age