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Saturday, September 22, 2012

What makes me a {Crappy} Mother

**Photo Thanks to Granola Babies**

I saw this picture posted this week and thought, “How nice, moms supporting each other even if they have different beliefs, we are all moms who just want the best for our children”. What I didn’t find out until a few days later was that over on the Facebook page of one of my Favourite Blogs, Jen @ Life with Levi had posted this and gotten some not so nice responses and some people who were being downright nasty over a discussion about circumcising boys.

Jen posted up this great meme, I’m a crappy Mom ” and I just knew I had to join in. So here is my list of reasons why I am a *crappy* mom

My son was circumcised. 

My Children are vaccinated and will continue to be.

I breastfeed my son for four months then went back to work and used my coffee breaks to “pump”. After one month I stopped as he preferred the bottle.

I breastfeed my daughter for ten months. She bit me. I tried to get her to stop, she wouldn’t so I stopped and used formula.

I play Beyblades with my son even though making a spinning top battle another top in an arena does not appeal to me at all.

We use cloth diapers. And sometimes our almost four year old still wears them, even during the day if we don't have clean underwear for her.

I have been known to bring home some really great takeout for my husband and I and in turn feed my kids a sandwich (no veggies or fruit in sight).

The majority of my kids clothes are second-hand, which saves us money so we can do cool stuff while rocking our used clothing.  

I buy my son (new) jeans though as he prefers the Old Navy skinny jeans.

I take my kids on really cool outings. Corn Maze. Check. Multiple camping trips this summer. Check. Camping at Historic site and staying up late to see the stars. Did that. Judo tournament in the next province. Did that too!

I don’t sterilize my kids toys.

I sneak into my sons room sometimes still and cuddle him. He is ten. I repeat the following “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”. I have been doing this for ten years ever since I bought the book “Love you forever”.

I look at food labels carefully to try and avoid food dyes and lots of sugar.

I make my son have a daily dose of omega 3 fish oils. That stuff smells nasty even with the peach flavoring added In to convince him to take it. We know right about when he hasn't had it from his behavior.

I teach my children it is good to help people.

I have not pierced my daughters ears.

I am sometimes required to work long shifts or travel away for a couple days. My husband and kids typically eat food that comes from boxes or from the freezer while I am gone. Cue the frozen pizza and lasagna, French fries breaded fish and boxed Annie’s Mac and cheese.

We eat the above foods other times too. I love to cook and everything but some days….

We co-sleep sometimes. Started out as a way to get some sleep. We now have no sleep schedule and she is up really late sometimes and still falls asleep with us, sometimes while watching TV. I would like to change this.

I fed my daughter a ketchup sandwich last night because she asked for it. Hopefully I have not started a trend.

My kids rarely drink pop. We do eat lots of ice cream and my kids definitely know what candy is.

I need to know a child’s parents well before my kids are allowed over to play.

We have friends that do not share all our same views and parent our children differently. And that is ok, we still get along.

I love my children. i them and kiss them and let them know how much I love them all the time.

I work outside the home.

So let’s all try to just celebrate how we all want the best for our children, regardless ow what that is, we all love ourr children dearly and just want to do what we think is right. It is okay to be different! 

I'd  love to read your comments, unless they are mean and hateful in which case they will be deleted.

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