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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peekaboo Beans Clothing: Review

I recently talked about how I had wanted to find out more about Peekaboo Beans clothing and am happy to now to be able to share our personal thoughts about this clothing line.

As you can see Karensa was excited about wearing her "Beans" and getting to show them off.

She is wearing the Confetti Tank in Taffy Rose in a size 3. I was glad to get the opportunity to find out what size she would wear in this line as most clothes she has to wear smaller than the average child. At 3.5 she is just starting to wear size three. This tank was a little big but will definitely fit for the entire summer, where the size 2 would not have lasted that long.

I really liked the back on this shirt, the contrast color on the yolk adds a little extra flair to the shirt. I noticed right away how it is very well put together and although this piece is obviously sewn onto the main shirt, the seams are very well done and it almost appears seamless.

The cute little pea pod logo on the bottom is oh so cute. Plus I love that it is on the back of the shirt so easy to tell it is a peekaboo item but doesn't interfere with the style of the shirt from front. I personally dislike when a companies logo or name is plastered on the front of the shirt. Peekaboo beans has nice simple designs that easily adds to a child's wardrobe.

On the day that she first wore this shirt, we spent the afternoon out with friends and the kids spent most of the time in the sprinkler. Since we didn't have swimsuits the kids wore their clothes in. And boy were they soaked afterwards.  I took a look at the tank top and it dried nicely even though it was crumpled up in our bag. There were a few wrinkles, but overall the shirt could be worn again without needing to go through the wash (or ironed).

 Other things that we loved about this clothing:

-Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I love clothing made mostly from cotton as someone who has skin sensitivities and allergies, cotton is such a great fabric.
-Tag less clothing- The tags in these are printed right to the fabric so you don't have to deal with scratchy tags but still get all that important info (like being able to remember what size an item is when go to pass it on or sell it)
Lastly I must add in that I love the inner Peekaboo Beans logo sewn onto the inside of this shirt. Again a discreet way to have their logo without being a prominent part of the design. Also, this extra piece gives some added support for the back of the shirt, an area that can sag and hang funny after time, especially with a longer back such as is seen here. It definitely seems like this will help the shirt to retain it's style, even after lots of use and washes.

*We received an item in exchange for this review, however as usual all opinions expressed are my own*

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  1. Very cute and comfortable play clothes!!! Nice for summer too! Thanks for sharing!!!