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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peekabo Beans: Meet the Stylist

I had heard  about this Children's clothing company since it has became so popular but hadn't yet tried any of their clothes and was eager to learn more. I was happy to learn that someone I knew right in my own city was a Peekaboo Beans Stylist and I could have my questions answered and share them all with you!

Jenny is mom to two children ages 5 and 3. She enjoys everything about her kids, spending time with them, going on adventures and especially getting down and playing with them. She also likes music, specifically singing and playing bass. Want to know what Jenny had to say...Read on for my Interview with her....

What is Peekaboo Beans? 
 Peekaboo Beans is a company based out of Vancouver, Canada that produces high quality, fashion forward and kid friendly clothing.

When you get involved and what made you want to be a part of this company?  My son first took a liking to the clothes when I bought just one top to try. Being that he is tactile sensitive, and he adored it, I was soon hooked. With our love for the clothes, joining with Peekaboo beans as a play stylist was a natural fit. When I started up I learned so much more about the company and it's vision that children NEED to play. I have grown to love this company more and more with each passing day, thier passion, encouragement, and family focus.

How does someone purchase Peekaboo Beans Clothing?
Peekaboo Beans are available for purchase in a number of ways, you can shop online, through a boutique, or purchase through a Stylist. When you purchase through a stylist, you can order individually or host a soiree to recieve great hostess "beanefits" (Think free & half price items!)

What sets Peekaboo Beans apart from other clothing?
Thier high quality, attention to detail (large pull tabs for easy zipping, chin guards, thumb holes etc), comfort, shape that stays, longevity & versitality! (Not to mention the great re-sale value!)

How do you balance working and Motherhood?
I try to keep my kids first, I will do my work in between thier activities and try to be available when they want to play. The great thing about Peekaboo Beans is I get to set my own hours, I can work as much or little as I like.

Peekaboo Beans logo
Can other people become stylists?
Of course! We are currently on the lookout for Stylists in many different areas, if you are interested in more information, send me an email at

Have questions..Want to know more..Connect with Jenny on Facebook and be sure to stop by the Peekaboo Beans Website. There are lots of amazing clothes to check out and Peekaboo Beans has lots of shopping options, in addition to hosting a soiree through a stylist, you can purchase directly from the website (they ship to the US and Internationally too) and you can even look to see if there is a retailer located near you. 

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