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Monday, July 30, 2012

Minimize Monday: Sharing

This is from a couple weeks ago but a friend of ours recently had a baby shower to celebrate the birth of their daughter. I bought a present and shortly before leaving remembered that it was also their sons birthday that day. Not having time to stop and grab something I quickly remembered that we had a bin of outgrown toys in the garage.

So I had picked out something and placed it in a gift bag, showing Karensa that we were passing on her toy train and some fisher price little people. It was nice to see that she was excited about sharing it and wasn't upset to pass it on. She just kept saying train and Allistair (her friend) on the way to the party. So cute.

I originally bought this particular train as it made noise and we needed a toy train to use to teach our daughter the sound "choo-choo" and later the word train. This interactive toy was perfect, as it had little beads inside that "popped" as you drove it around, so I was happy to pass it on to another child with hearing loss who will benefit just as much. Plus side, his mom totally appreciated and of course saw the benefit to the toy before I even brought up why we originally bought it.

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  1. What a great idea for passing on outgrown toys that are still in good condition! I know you made that little boy happy. Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill