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Monday, July 9, 2012

Minimize Monday: A little becomes a lot

I have been checking out the "Minimize Monday" at posts at Mommy Moment for a while now, always meaning to find some stuff (and I know there is definitely "stuff" around this house) that needs getting rid of. Up until this week I just haven't gotten to it.

I happened to notice on a Mom's group on Facebook that a young mom on a fixed income was looking for some thicker inserts to use in her cloth diapers, knowing that we had six of these and are working on potty training I figured we could spare a couple.

Then I had a brillant idea, I asked the mom what size clothes her daughter was in and it worked out that the two boxes of clothes I had in the garage would be good for her too. So I got it all together and dropped it off since they didn't have a vehicle.

So not only did I manage to get rid of some clothes that we didn't need hanging around here, this week I also got to help someone out! And that is how a little turned into a lot.

Did you get rid of something this week! Head over and link up at Mommy Moment!

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  1. That worked out perfect! I am sure she was so appreciative! :) It always feels good to help someone and your goodies are being put to good use too! :) Cindy