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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WW: Life's Moments w/linky

On my Meet me on Monday post my answer to the question "What will your first thought be when you hear you won a lottery?" was about buying a house so that we could stop renting! I thought it fitting that my Wordless Wednesday post this week be about ways one an actually spruce up their rental house. My husband found this wonderful wall decal for our bedroom at of places the $ store!

I love how it makes a difference to our plain white walls without being permanent so easy to remove when we leave. Our landlord is pretty strict about decorating and even if we were to buy different window coverings like drapes etc we need to leave the rods behind when we move out.

Oh and if you look close enough you will notice one of the letters hanging to the side. This has since been fixed but I didn't even notice until I looked at the picture tonight in order to post it.

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  1. Love the slogan. I can't see the letter hanging to the side. I wanted to come and personally thank you for the comment on my kids post this past week. It really means so much to me! Thank you! Also, I am moving to WP next week- so if you want to follow (which I hope you do) come follow via RSS or email so you can see my posts.