Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Raising Children in a Fast Paced Society....

I overhead a conversation between a parent and her son while hanging out with the kids at the Museum last week. 
The mother had given her daughter and friends money to buy pop and popcorn. Shortly after her son came in and found out mom had bought the treats. He had gone on his own accord and bought himself a pop. He commented that it wasn't fair that mom bought the treats and he paid for his own. Mom simply responded that he did not have to worry about it and that his sister and her friends did not have money with her so she had to buy them. He was still protesting and mom again simply said he did not need to worry. 
I am not sure what the meaning of that was but am just guessing that mom will either pay him back or that she will give him money when he needs it. It was what the boy said next to his friend that got me. He said "Did you see that, she bought them a pop and I had to buy my own. That is like if she were to buy her a house and then not buy me one! " 
Wow, um how did we jump from pop to buying houses??? I am sure most of you have noticed that there are some spoiled children out there and no matter what we do sometimes kids just act this way. Our children have access to things we never dreamed of growing up. Internet that allows us to find what we need at our fingertips, drive-thru banking and pharmacies, online bill payment, and the list goes on and on. People have gotten used to not having to wait and it seems we live in an instant gratification society. 
Is it possible to raise children in this fast paced society that don't expect everything to just be handed to them?? I personally would like to think so and have tried to instill these values with my own children. 
Just the other day we discussed with our son that when he was going to the $ store to spend some of his money he should buy himself another pencil sharpener as we had already replaced it a couple times. We felt he should take the responsibility for buying it and (hopefully) not loosing it. When he was done and got his change back he said that he would like to put some in his save, spend and share jars. He then asked a very what the save jar was for and I reminded him that it was to save so that when he wanted to purchase something. He then suggested that he could also put some of that money aside for school when he is older (keep in mind he will be turning 10 in April). So yes, I said that we do indeed have an account for that and if he would like he can put some money in. Talk about a proud Mommy moment! We leave it up to him to decide where to put his money and he does a fairly decent job of splitting it. 
We also let him learn lessons on his own. He had decided a while ago to save up money for a new Beyblade stadium to replace his as it was broken. Well, in true child fashion once we got to the store he of course saw an *awesome* one that even came with Beyblades and different colored pieces to change out in the stadium. Never mind that he already owns plenty of the Beyblades and that this set cost over double what he would need to spend for just the regular plain stadium. He had the money so I allowed him to purchase the item and then waited once we got home to see the reaction. It only took a couple of hours before he decided that yes indeed the stadium was not any better than the plain one and he really didn't need the Beyblades. Lesson learned we headed back to the store the next day to return it and buy the cheaper one. 
So what tips do you have for raising children in our fast paced society? Do you let your kids manage some spending money, do you pay it in exchange for chores, How many extracurricular activities do your kids take part in? I would love to hear your experiences! 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WW with linky: Unexpected Surprise in the Mail

I opened up the mailbox yesterday to find a nice surprise. Karensa's preschool had the kids make up Valentine's cards and then mailed them to their families!

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment if you are new and I will follow back. Join in and link up your WW post! And make sure you check out this post to enter my Giveaway for My Memories V3 Digital<
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Halloween is on my February

My family loves Halloween. We convert our garage into a display area, sectioned off with black sheets to create the proper atmosphere and go crazy decorating.

Now, this past Halloween I really wanted to dress all four of us up in matching costumes. However, everywhere we went the costumes were super expensive and it just wasn't in our budget. So why am I thinking about Halloween in February?

It is all due to Costume Craze, after seeing an advertisement this week about their awesome sale prices right now. Costumes are up to 90% off and there are bonus coupons available once you spend a certain amount. Plus there is also free shipping once your order reaches a certain amount.

So I have browsed the site trying to decide on some theme costumes I could buy for next Halloween but there is so much to choose from I am not getting too far before being overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Feel free to stop by Costume Craze and comment below to let me know what you think would be a great idea for the four of us for Halloween Costumes. The kids will be 10 and almost four come Halloween.

Looking forward to suggestions! The photos above are from last Halloween. I liked how our Zombie bride and groom turned out, but would love to go with matching for whole family and have our friend take some photos of us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software Review and Giveaway

I love to scrapbook however over the past few years have not done any. My sons scrapbook stops at about age two and I haven't even started on my daughters. This has been largely due to the inconvenience of having everything packed up and needing to pull it out in order to work on a project as I don't have a dedicated space to be able to leave my stuff out. 

I recently got to try out the "My Memories" Digital Scrapbook Software and this is a great solution to the above problem. Not only do you not have to get out a bunch of supplies, but also use digital pictures so don't have to wait to get them printed first.

The great thing is that once you purchase the software, layouts, kits, papers, embellishments  etc they can be reused again and again, unlike traditional paper supplies which are one time use.

I found the software very easy friendly, however, if you need some help getting started, check out the videos on YouTube here

I had fun playing around and ended up with a scrapbook layout and a calendar template. What I liked best about these software is not only is this great for your scrap booking but also for creating gifts such as calendars or simply jazzing up photos before sending to family members.

Check out the My Memories Blog here, lots of great info, tips and tricks to be found!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun with Linky

I didn't buy my kids (or my husband) anything special for Valentines as generally I feel it is just another day rather than an excuse to buy a bunch of stuff. I do however like to do some special things for the kids and thought I would share them here.

I made a special lunch for Nathan based around the Heart theme. Unable to find my heart shaped sandwich cutter that looks like the one below, I made some mini sandwiches using cookie cutters instead.
Then I cut up some cucumbers for him, but not just any cucumbers, I happened to see this heart shaped cucumbers advertised in a flyer for the weekend and just knew I needed to buy them for just this purpose!

And in case you are wondering , these are not genetically modified, instead they are placed inside a mold after they have grown a bit to make them grow in the desired shape. There are star molds as well. Check out InventorSpot to see the molds and some examples for using the cucumbers once grown.

For Karensa I decided to make something fun to send to school for her to share with her friends. These little bags of red homemade play dough turned out perfect! She even helped out by "scribbling" her name at the bottom of the cards! If you are looking for a great play dough recipe be sure to try this one, the Kool Aid makes it smell so good and does not stain your hands when using!

What special things did you make? Link up to your Valentine related craft/food posts below!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A few Choice Words

I definitely uttered a few choice words upon seeing this mess made by my daughter!


Monday, February 6, 2012

A Star Patient!

Karensa had her visit to the Dentist on Saturday. She did an Awesome job and they managed to be able to floss, and polish her teeth as well as paint on some fluoride. She had a great time and I was happy the visit went well.

Sunday, February 5, 2012