Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Homemade Corn Dogs

Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Corn Dogs

So today I only had to work 7.5 hours instead of my usual 8.5 I usually do. What did I do with a whole extra hour? Well, getting home earlier gave me some time to just relax before jumping right into dinner and the rest of our evening. Then I only had to figure out what to do for dinner, which for Jeremy was easy as he has been following the P90X exercise/food plan so it was salmon, rice, asparagus and soup for him. I though was feeling like something different.

I had  picked up some Schneiders Country Naturals hot dogs recently after Nathan saw frozen Corn Dogs and wanted some. At the time, I suggested instead that we just buy the hot dogs and look for a recipe on-line. Having found what looked like a good recipe a few days ago I figured tonight was a good night to try it out.  I know, not very supportive am I, making fried food instead of something healthy.

Anyway, I have to say that I like the Country Naturals hot dogs, specifically as they do not contain MSG, by-products, added preservatives, artificial colors and flavours. But, onto the actual making of this yummy meal.

I found that it worked best to make my hot dogs shorter by cutting them as the store was out of the regular size so these ones were quite long which also made for easier frying, less oil and easier eating for kids.  A tip, it worked best to dry the hot dog first, put the batter in a cup, dip in and then had to use finger to even out batter in spots it missed.

I also took the time tonight to play a game of Yahtzee with Nathan and make him a paper air plane.

So I am curious to know.....

What would you get done with an extra hour of time?

Is there an hour of time in your life you would like back to do over or would like to experience again?
How about a minute, a day, a week, a year...please post and let me know!

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