Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Thankful for Great Friends (who also take great pictures)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thankful for Great Friends (who also take great pictures)

As many of you may know our daughter Karensa, was born with a hearing loss in both ears. Over the past three years we have been exploring ASL with the help of our speech therapist and using a great set of "Signing Time" DVD's, but really felt we needed a class to help boost our confidence.

In 2011 we enrolled the entire family into a ASL course being instructed by Nancy Zavaglia, who has herself been profoundly deaf since birth. Nancy has been teaching sign language at the College of New Caledonia for the past 11 years.

Little did we know what an incredible connection our little princess would make and a great friend we would find. Immediately you could see Karensa forming a bond which was just wonderful to see. It wasn't soon after that we discovered both my husband and Nancy shared a passion for Photography.

Since the course, we have kept contact through Facebook and during the summer we went down to the park and she took some great photo's of our family. Jeremy and Nancy continue to challenge one another with their cameras, and Nancy has watched Karensa while we were off to appointments.

We have become great friends and look forward to what 2012 will bring.


  1. My Brother was deaf from 6 months until he had surgery at 5, and that regaining of hearing was a scary shock to him. I love these pictures. My family still uses a lot of sign, especially across a noisy area or in a crowded room.

    Thanks for sharing

    Dixie Goode, a blog hop follower

  2. do you have cable or can you download shows from internet? There is a show 'switched at birth' --ABC Family where they use a lot of ASL.

  3. You daughter is beautiful! You are such a strong, amazing family. Keep up the positives and telling us about it (I need something to remind me of the beauty of life while I toil away at my horrible job!)