Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Opportunity for Bloggers: Be part of Cupids Cash giveaway (sign up closes Jan 27)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Opportunity for Bloggers: Be part of Cupids Cash giveaway (sign up closes Jan 27)

I am participating in my first give-away event and am very excited. Pairing up with other Bloggers seems very worth it in terms of pooling resources to create a larger prize amount and gain traffic to your site. This event is not open for entries yet, but for those who want to join check out the info below!

Cupids Cash Giveaway Event Hop Bloggers
MamaNYC will be hosting a giveaway event! Interested and want to participate? Keep reading for additional details. Participating will only cost you $5.00 (minimum), but the perks and promotional benefits are priceless! You can choose to include more than one entry method - ($5.00/each)! MamaNYC will be handling all tweets, Facebook shares, and even linking up all of the blog participants that pay for 3+ entries! She is going to add each of the giveaway {direct} URL's to 10+ daily giveaway linkys and all of the high traffic sweepstakes/giveaways sites! 
The plan is to make this a HUGE event.
The goal is for over 200 participants ($1,000+ prize!). Let's start off expecting $500.00 prize (100 bloggers), but aim for the stars!
I just signed up for this event and wanted to share some of the details with all of my readers. Giveaway events help promotion, traffic, and readership for blogs. Each of the participants will be sharing the cash prize by putting all of our money together to create a HUGE cash prize for one lucky winner. The giveaway is going to run from February 1-14, but you can read more about that and sign up for this event @ MamaNYC's Cupids Cash Giveaway event sign up's page! 

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