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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mommy Organization: Finding the Right Purse

I love little purses. I have never been able to stand lugging around a bigger purse and find that I just stuff more things in it and make a mess of it. So I wouldn't be able to imagine what the inside of something like this would look like if I were to get a hold of it.

Maybe like what my garage looks like (junk heap) and my filing system (throw things in a box and forget about it till really need it) on a smaller scale.

All that being said I recently decided that I had outgrown my little purse that had just enough room for my wallet, set of keys, maybe some lip gloss. More so, that I was getting frustrated with my wallet, which I was having trouble closing and couldn't easily find the cards I needed or fit them in their nicely so half the time I would just throw them in my purse and then inevitably have to phone the bank to cancel one after it would fall out somewhere while retrieving something from inside.

So I went out on a mission to find something slightly bigger and a wallet that was a tad bigger with more slots to better organize my cards.

It must have been meant to be as I found both items I needed very quickly in the same store. I am looking forward to all the new possibilities with this one and hoping it will serve me well.

How about you, do you prefer a little purse, big purse, and what kind? If I ever need something bigger I tend to just use a backpack, like when traveling as a carry-on to store my netbook etc, but I could see the advantage of a bigger purse in that case.  Do you carry all your cards in your wallet or leave some at home that don't use often. What is in your purse?

I did some searching online and their is tons of info out there devoted to choosing a purse, info about purses etc. I even discovered that the use of purses dates back to the 14th century. The below site even provides info on choosing the right handbag for your body and goes over the different styles too!



Can't wait to get this new one filled and start using it!

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