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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Important Info : Updates to Canadian Car Seat Regulations

I want to share the news of the recent updates to Canadian car seat regulations that came into effect on January 1st, 2012, and hear your thoughts on the subject. 

As a parent of children still making use of safety seats, I immediately wondered how these new regulations would apply to the seats we already owned.
  Thankfully, these new regulations do not  require me to replace our existing seats. I have, however,  experienced other issues in the past when traveling to visit family members in other provinces, where the age restrictions were different than back home. So remember to look up your specific provincial car seat regulations as well as those you may be traveling to.

Here is a quick summary of the major changes taken from Transport Canada's website:

Major Updates are:
  •  a new testing requirement using a three-point seatbelt to secure car seats in vehicles;
  • changes to child seats' dynamic testing to adopt most of the U.S. testing parameters;
  • changing the definition of an infant from 9 kg to 10 kg;
  • an increase in the maximum allowable weight limit of child seats from 22 kg to 30 kg;
  • introducing dynamic testing requirements for booster seats; and
  • allowing harnesses to be certified for use on school buses by special needs children.

Source: Transport Canada : Updated child car seat safety regulations

What does this mean for you?

According to Transport Canada, previous regulations have provided a high level of safety for many years, so current child car seats will continue to provide excellent protection throughout their useful life. All new car seats being sold however, will need to comply with the updated regulations. 

Transport Canada does also state that if your car seat is expired, has damage to the shell, materials or has been in an accident it should be replaced.

These changes also mean that you will not be able to sell any seats that are not compliant with the new regulations. For car seats manufactured between May 12, 2010 and December 31, 2010 Transport Canada advises to contact the manufacturer with the date of manufacture and serial number to ask whether the model is compliant with the new regulations. There are more frequently asked questions answered  here on the Transport Canada website.

Transport Canada recommends that when you are done with a car seat or booster seat, you remove the straps and take a hammer to the outer shell so that it cannot be reused.

How do you feel about these new regulations?


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