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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bubble Wrapped or Free Range......

While checking out an online news site today I came across an article about a Parenting Movement called Free Range Parenting. The article talked about Mother of two Lenore Skenazy who has a website titled Free Range Kids and is expanding to a new TV series called called "Bubble Wrap Kids".  The Free Range Parenting movement involves allowing your kids to experience life without being overprotective. The way I see it this is basically allowing children to grow up as we did as Children, to play outside, go to friends houses to play (not scheduled, planned "play dates, prepare there own food, etc).

In this new series Leanne first spends five days evaluating the families home life and sees areas where the kids could gain more independence. Things such as taking transit by themselves, using a knife to help prepare a meal all while their parents watch and learn to watch their children perform at the various challenges presented. Typically these parents are what we nowadays call "Helicopter Parents" those who do pretty much everything for there children and monitor all that they do.

Does the thought of giving your children more freedom instill fear inside you or are you comfortable with allowing your child to have all the freedoms we typically had as children? I admit that my son certainly has not experienced many of the things I had by his age. At nine, I had taken public transportation by myself and like many others on the weekend would call out to my mom as I left the house that I would be home in time for dinner..I am sure this is how many of us grew up. 

My husband and I have been trying to learn to loosen up a bit and allow more freedoms but it is difficult.  Our son does walk to school, which we started in grade three, just a few years later than when I walked myself to school as a child. I even noticed having brothers much younger than myself that my mom walked them to school rather than send them to go by themselves. He makes his own lunches and has started to use sharp knives to cut veggies. He asked this year to walk himself to judo club by himself, but as it occurs in the evening and is a bit farther from home we said no.

In reading the news article here it states that "Canada is enjoying a 25-year low in crime. America is enjoying a 40-year low in crime. So why do we feel the need sometimes to monitor all that our kids do, schedule play dates instead of just letting them go out to play? I myself am still worried about all that can happen in the world but are we just paranoid if crime rates are truly down...

Share your thoughts, advice, suggestions, tips on this topic.... I would love to hear them!

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  1. obviously they got the idea from my blog: life is not bubble wrapped. I should sue...

    ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. because everyone should always sue, right? that was never heard of when we were young.

    I am kind of annoyed, though. Why didn't I think of that and have fabulous connections? oh yeah. nevermind.