Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: I need your help. The future of my blog is at stake!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I need your help. The future of my blog is at stake!

The future of my blog is at stake..

Okay not really but this is a turning point and I need some help! So please comment away.....

So here's the deal, my husband informed me today that he is buying me a domain name for Christmas, hurray! I love you hun!

I'm very excited about this, but I'm a bit stuck on what name to choose and the choice of .com, .net, .ca, etc is mind boggling.

I did a quick search and mischieviousmonkeys DOT com is already spoken for. I could go for , but worry people may forget and default to the 'traditional' .com

Is it important to associate it with being a Canadian Blog? Does it really make a difference?

I also want the address to be easy to remember and not too long, here are a few ideas and I'd love to hear your thoughts and please if you have any suggestions for other names please share them.

2mischievousmonkeys   ~  .com is taken -  My husband prefers this one, but is it too long?

I'm new to all this, so those of you who have already taken the leap and moved to a top domain, please share your experience and advice. Are their other things I should be considering?


  1. Hope I'm not too late, but I'm with your hubby on this one:
    I don't think it's too long.

    Following back from MBC :)

  2. Thanks very much for the feedback as you are the first one. We did already end up going with that one and I think it will work great.

  3. it does work great tara and it totally fits for you guys too.