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Friday, December 2, 2011

Cool Online sites for Christmas

The Holiday Season is creeping up on as and I am sure you are starting to get organized. I have come up with a list of some online sites to help out during this busy time. Some of these are tried and tested by us that we use every year and others are ones that look pretty cool.

Norad Santa Tracker- This is a site that Nathan is desperate to start using but it did not start up until December 1st so he has had to wait. There are some great games and activities on this site. As well on Christmas Eve this is a great site to  check out on Christmas Eve before heading to bed as the kids can see Santa moving around the world. If your kids are anything like mine though good luck getting them to bed.

Sending Online Greeting Cards- I have just about quit sending conventional greeting cards through regular mail system as I never seem to get them all done in time. So I respond to those with one back that send them to us and for people like grandparents who are not online. Otherwise I love to send online cards.

I have not used Hallmark but my grandmother is online and bought us a subscription to Jacquie Lawson cards and we use it to send cards back and forth. I am sure there are plenty of other options to be found by further searching online as well.  This site has a few options for free cards in each category and others that are available by subscription. Again I have not tried it but suspect the cards are just as great as the paper versions. This is the site we have used most often to send online cards. They have a variety of animated cards with lots of ones with animals that my kids love. Again a subscription is needed to access the cards however the cost is very reasonable. You can do as my grandmother did too and purchase a subscription for someone else

Personalized Video Messages-These next two are one of our favorite things to do this time of year. You can create personalized messages to email to family members. A video with Santa talking to the recipient is created for them, it is quite neat. We have used the Portable North Pole in the past, and a family member has tested out the Magic Santa already this year and the video was quite neat. That one can even be posted right to the recipients Facebook page for all to see. You can add pictures and specific details about the person too.

The great can tell your kids to be good at school, etc in the message. So go ahead and watch the anticipation on your kids faces as they wait to find out whether they made the "Naughty or Nice" list....

Check out Christmas Central at Disney Family for lots of fun crafts, recipes and activities.


  1. My kids loved Norad when they were younger! I miss that. They are teenagers now. Love the idea of the on-line card. Last year I quit sending conventional cards too. The expense and time was just too much and it felt good to take something off my Christmas to-do list.

  2. Thanks! This is a fun list I can't wait to try all of them.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's new, but is continually getting better and more fun added every day.

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