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Friday, November 18, 2011

Searching for a perfect game - Zingo

I went into our games closet last night to find a game to play with the kids before bed. I was searching for something that both my kids could play which is not easy give the 6.5 year age difference. But it was just me and the kids and I had promised Nathan I would play a game with him so needed something that Karensa could play along too.

While starring into the messy closet I spotted a lonely box that has not been taken out for quite some time. And in that box was the game - Zingo! Perfect I thought as K is probably just old enough to start playing this. We bought Zingo back when N was about her age and absolutely love this game. For those that don't know, Zingo is a matching based bingo game, where all the tiles are stacked in a dispenser and you get to slide them out two at a time. The sliding is a major fun factor for the kids and works even better if you just leave the lid off and then can return the unused tiles to the dispenser right away.

Once the tiles are out players look to see if they need them and place them on their card. Play continues until one player fills up their card and that person yells Zingo. Sure enough K got the hang of this game right away and even managed to win in the first round. All of the pieces in this game are very sturdy and ours has held up well over the years, with only a few scratches on the cards.

I must also mention that aside from being just plain old fun, this is also a great tool to use for speech therapy to help promote language. While playing it is great to be able to use this as a language opportunity as each tile is placed on their board your child can say (or sign) the name of the picture!

We purchased this game years ago through Discovery Toys, a home party based company but most specialty toy stores carry this as well.

This review is 100% me, I was not compensated for this and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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