Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Kraft Samplicious Review: Part 1

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kraft Samplicious Review: Part 1

Here is what our family thought of some of the products received from Kraft. Nathan's feedback is a little short and Karensa just said YUM to everything she tried so I didn't include that!

Chips Ahoy! Middles Chocolate Chip 280g
Chips Ahoy! Middles Double Chocolate 280g
Mom/Dad- I personally found these to be a little dry but they were okay with milk. Not something we would purposefully reach for again as homemade cookies are so much better!
Kids- They are kids, of course they gobbled these up. No complaints.

Kraft Dinner Smart mac ‘n cheese Fibre 200g- 
Nathan- Awesome.
Dad- tasted no different, liked that was not bright orange from food dye!

Wheat Thins Stix Pizza 226g- 
Nathan-Awesome. Taste like pizza.
Dad-nothing special here. These aren't typically the type of snack food I would reach for anyway.

Trident Splash Grape with Orange- 
Mom/Dad- This had a very strong flavour that was too overpowering and then left a weird aftertaste.

Trident Layers Cool Mint + Melon Fresco - 
Mom/Dad- loved this one. Had nice soft texture, refreshing, not overpowering taste.

Trident Hydracitrus-
Nathan- good
Mom- nice refreshing taste, mild citrus flavor.

Pure Kraft Salad Dressing (coupon) Ranch or Caesar 355g
Mom- So Clearly I didn't read this coupon all too well, nor did the cashier. I picked up the Greek Dressing instead (they were all the same price anyway). I love a nice greek salad with cucumber, bell peppers and sometimes tomato. I used this product both on that and just some regular lettuce salads. The flavour was quite good and there was a good hint of feta. Personally I would like it a little stronger in the feta department but overall this was a yummy dressing.

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